Wifey Poos Dessert Candles

Wifey Poo’s Candle Shop is Back Open!

If you find our store closed, it is because we are catching up with previous orders & will be Back Open Within A Week! We will Announce When We Are Back Open!



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20 thoughts on “Wifey Poos Dessert Candles

  1. My daughter sent me two of your candles for Christmas. They are absolutely amazing!!! I hate to burn them. Your hard work is appreciated. May we always remember “the reason for the season”.

  2. Just received my 2nd order of the 4 candle mystery box..candles are absolutely beautiful. I gotta say I’m so impressed with the care that goes into the packaging & with this order I received a handwritten thank you card, very nice touch. Will definitely order again in the future. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Hi Dina! It depends on the candle since they are all different sizes in different glasses. The wicks are premium cotton. I would rough estimate 4-6 hours, but common candle safety doesn’t recommend burning any candle longer than 3-4 hours at a time.

  3. Got my first candle for me! LOVE IT! Going to buy more as gifts as soon as they are back in stock! So happy the business is foing great! Just shows how much y’all are LOVED!

  4. Please disregard my earlier comment regarding tracking. The Candle came today. I ordered the Chow Down Dessert platter, and it was better than expected. My mother thought it was edible. She kept giving it a mouth watering stare while asking me am I sure you can’t eat it? Extremely realistic, and excellent packaging!

    1. Hi Lynnette, we are happy you are happy with the candle. We will need to work on the tracking emails. Not sure why they didn’t go through. Hopefully they weren’t considered spam. Glad you got it. God bless!

  5. These look good enough to eat😋🍧!! Wifey Poo, you do an awesome job on these candles, so good that I’m not sure I would be able to light it (wouldn’t want it to melt🙁)

  6. Thinking they would be great Christmas presents. I assume they are shipped individually boxed?

    Wifey Poo, your husband is awesome 💫❤️‍🩹💫

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