Georgia: VoterGA Provides Conclusive Evidence Showing Fulton County 2020 Election Results Were Electronically Manipulated — 524K Votes in Question

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Fulton County, Georgia: 374,128 In-Person Ballot Images Are Missing
Fulton County, Georgia: Over 4,000 Ballots Were All Scanned at the Exact Same Time
Fulton County, Georgia: Over 104,994 Ballot Images Were Electronically Manipulated

VoterGA Provides Conclusive Evidence Showing Fulton County 2020 Election Results Were Electronically Manipulated — 524K Votes in Question

ATLANTA, March 7, 2022 – VoterGA announced at a press conference today a 15-point analysis that documents clear, irrefutable evidence of how the November 2020 Fulton County election results were electronically manipulated. The analysis was based on a year-long study of ballot images conducted by an expert-laden volunteer research team. The ballot image research was made possible last year when the Georgia legislature passed SB202, which made ballot images public records. The ballot images were collected statewide by a VoterGA Open Records Request team.

The 15-point analysis that can be verified through public ballot images at or other sites found the following problems in Fulton County:

  1. 17,724 final certified Fulton County absentee votes have no ballot images, representing 13,303 extra Biden votes and 4,279 extra Trump votes — net 9,024 mail-in votes — that cannot be substantiated
  2. All 374,128 in-person Fulton County ballot images from the original election count are missing and cannot be authenticated
  3. 132,284 of the 148,318 mail-in ballot images are missing their authentication files and cannot be verified as legitimate votes
  4. Only 16,034 mail-in ballot images had authentication files and those files (which should be generated automatically at the time of scanning) were added days after scanning
  5. 4,000+ tabulator images have impossible duplicate time stamps
  6. 104,994 image files in 1,096 batches have impossible duplicate time stamps
  7. Images in 288 batches have backfilled time stamps out of scanning chronological order
  8. All ballot batches were improperly forced to adjudication to facilitate tampering
  9. 10 ballots were impossibly
    adjudicated in one minute by one user
  10. 941 [image] files were backdated prior to adjudication
  11. Same 12 tabulators closed 148 early voting polls masking identity of scanning tabulator
  12. One tabulator serial# impossibly closed two polls in same overlapping times
  13. One tabulator was never closed and may have added many illegitimate votes
  14. 85 closing tapes for 12,024 Election Day ballots are unsigned or missing
  15. All but two tabulator closing tapes for early voting are unsigned, representing 315,000 ballots; Georgia law requires closing tapes to be signed by a poll manager and 2 witnesses

VoterGA emphasized that while one or two of these may be procedural issues, the electronic tampering found so far is not limited to Fulton. Co-founder Garland Favorito said: “In fairness to Fulton County, they did preserve enough of their ballot images to make some of our research possible. Other counties, like Cobb, destroyed most or all of their original November 2020 images despite federal and state law. This tampering and destruction is proof positive why Georgians cannot trust the 2020 election results. We desperately need an independent multi-county audit immediately to secure our elections before 2022 primaries.”

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Author: MJTruth