Thomas Renz -The Remdesivir Hospital Protocol for Covid-19 is killing 46% of people within 14 days

Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Stunning Data from Never Before Seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System.

Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System.
During an extraordinary speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, Attorney Thomas Renz shocked the crowd of thousands in attendance and millions watching via livestream as he revealed:
That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.
In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.
In July Attorney Renz Whistleblower, under penalty of perjury, stated that she estimated at least 45K people had died from the Covid-19 Vaccine. USA Today Fact Checkers and other fact checking services claimed that to be “misinformation.” Today’s revelations solidify that the “Trusted News Initiative” is actually the source of misinformation and propaganda, and that Attorney Thomas Renz Whistleblower was correct all along.

After proving that over 45K people have died from the COVID-19 vaccine, Attorney Renz then moved his attention to focus on the amount of people that are being killed in American hospitals by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s instituted protocol of Remdesivir.Attorney Renz is also in possession of Remdesivir death data from the Medicare Tracking System that has been withheld by the government from our citizens.
The Remdesivir data reveals of the 7,960 beneficiaries prescribed Remdesivir for Covid-19 2,058 died. That is 25.9%.

46% of people died within 14 days of the Remdesivir Treatment. The Remdesivir Treatment was established in U.S. Hospitals at the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Serious adverse events were reported in 131 of the 532 patients who received Remdesivir. That is 24.6%.
Attorney Renz says ” This begs the question… Why is this the protocol in American Hospitals? Does this appear “Safe and Effective” to you?”

During Attorney Thomas Renz speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Colorado Springs, Colorado Renz also talked about 2 Whistleblower nurses that revealed to him that they have seen a 2 tier system of health care depending on the patients “vaccination status.” “The nurses revealed to me that patients that are vaccinated are getting Ivermectin, which is proven to heal people. But if you are unvaccinated, they put you on Remdesivir in the hopes that you will die” said Attorney Thomas Renz.

Also during Attorney Renz’ speech he revealed that the FDA is actively working with CMS real-time data ( CMS Medicare database ) to gather weekly reports on Covid-19 adverse events, despite the fact that the US population is told repeatedly this vaccine is “safe and effective.” Attorney Renz says “This information has never been given to the public, and you will see why they have kept it hidden and never published. It’s very damning, and this data reveals that the FDA knew what was coming, let it happen, and thousands and thousands have died or been injured.”
During his speech Renz revealed in one state alone ( New York ) that the amount of people who experienced adverse events after the Covid shot were in the thousands. Adverse events experienced by people who got the Covid-19 shot in New York State included thousands of cardiovascular events, thousands of cases of people getting Covid, and thousands of deaths. At least 13 side effects are reported in the system.

“Remember, these are “side effects” that the government, media, and social media continue to tell the public that are not happening. The mantra of “safe and effective” must stop after today’s information” says Attorney Renz.
A copy of Attorney Renz entire speech along with data from the hidden vaccine tracking system will be posted on his website at

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9 thoughts on “Thomas Renz -The Remdesivir Hospital Protocol for Covid-19 is killing 46% of people within 14 days

  1. A hospital in Tennessee just killed my mom with the remdesivir protocol, she went in to emergency one day later after remdesivir and sedation she passed away. I need an attorney to help me prove this death was intentional

  2. I want to mention that I’m sure we’re all aware that the hospitals get extra money from the current government, for giving patients REMDESIVIR.
    He must think we’re all idiots.
    REMDESIVIR causes other vital organs to shut down, allowing for a buil up of toxins in the body. This especially affects those with other health issues, like diabetes/ kidney problems, liver problems etc
    Thank you for this platform. I’m hoping someone will put an end to this mess of UNNECESSARY DEATHS.

  3. I’m really upset that Dr Chan, Sec of State of New Hampshire, came on the television with Gov Sununu to say that REMDESIVIR is the medication of choice for Covid in hospitalized patients. He states its better than a placebo…( So what??).
    He managed to say that IVERMECTIN is not a good drug for Covid, that enough studies haven’t been done on it.
    This guy is supposed to be an INFECTIOUS DISEASE Doctor, but I’d like to know on what planet?? I’m a Registered Nurse, and have worked in infectious disease- I’m so sick of the lies!

  4. Compare this to Fauci during the AIDS pandemic.
    Fauci pushed AZT, an old cancer medicine and refused to endorse Bactrim for treatment of PCP.
    Fauci eventually admitted to having been responsible for 17,000 deaths.
    History repeats itself

  5. This no doubt has to be ” follow the money”!

    When is this going to be revealed? Fauci needs to be fired and prosecuted!

  6. WHY can’t this be made public?!?!? Rent billboards!! Pay for tv ads!! Anything to get it out in public view!!!

      1. I was in the hospital for 10 days total with covid. i was on remdesivir and they refused to give me IV’s, I told them i felt i was dehydrated , they said the dr said no to IV and put me 3 cups of water infront of me and said i should drink it!! I was to weak and sick to eat or drink!My family member found out about it and pulled me out of the hospital! I started on
        Hydroxychloroquine , i am not sure if I spelled it right! That was a turn around in my health and life! The truth needs to come out!!

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