The 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Video Your Family Needs To See With Col. Phil Waldron

Election Fraud

As we hunker down for the holidays of 2021, take a look around the country. The sheer difference from 10 months ago, after Joe Biden was sworn in, is vastly different.

The Main Stream Mockingbird Media keeps telling you that the 2020 election was the most secure election in history. Yet, no one is allowed to question this on Big Tech Social Media Giants, such as Facebook & Twitter with being slapped with a warning or being suspended altogether. The overwhelming evidence clearly shows the 2020 election was by far the most corrupt election in history.

To give you better perspective, Barack Hussein Obama received the most votes in history in 2008, 65,915,795. Then again in 2012, 69,498,516.

In the 2020 Presidential Election, we had not one, but two candidates who received more votes than any other candidate in history, Biden (81,268,924) & Trump (74,216,154), whereas Trump received roughly 12 million more votes than he received in 2016 (62,984,828). Something stinks.

Again, take a look at our country, watch the above video & understand that America has been compromised because Joe Biden has been compromised by China. Understand that if you (WE) do not stand up now, our children will never have the chance to.

This video was from My Pillow CEO & American Hero & Patriot Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, held on August 10, 11, & 12th, in which he offered a $5 million dollar reward for anyone that could debunk his election fraud evidence. No one walked away $5 million dollars richer.

I urge everyone to get familiar with what happened & what was revealed at this symposium. You can watch the entire three day event Here.

Mike Lindell is doing a 72 hour live stream of election interference evidence over the Thanksgiving holiday. You can watch that here This broadcast is in regards to Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Complaint

I pray to our almighty God that he provide us as a nation, the opportunity to correct what happened in 2020. We are facing grave consequences for allowing the biggest fraud in history to happen. Lord, we ask that you show up through us, your brave children in a mighty way so that the truth be revealed for all the world to see.

Cry aloud; do not hold back; lift up your voice like a trumpet; declare to my people their transgression, to the house of Jacob their sins.

Isaiah 58:1

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1 thought on “The 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Video Your Family Needs To See With Col. Phil Waldron

  1. I’ve been saying since 2012 an audit needs to be done on OVOMIT. He “may” have won 2008 legitimately but I don’t believe for a minute he won 2012. 3020 is more proof how the dems steal elections. The whole world watched as DemonRats LITERALLY stole the presidential election. So what about tbe house and senate. Does anyone really believe they won those seats? Only by a few votes? REALLY???
    Time for a full 50 state (not 57 states like OVOMIT thinks) audit. All seats were STOLEN. DemonRats are like magicians. They dangle something in front of you with one hand while pulling the wool over your eyes with the pther hand.

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