Reseda California- How Were Ballots Still Being Collected From A Drop Box On Nov 4, Yet California Was Immediately Called For Biden On Nov 3?

A viral video made the rounds on November 4, a day after the controversial 2020 presidential election.

In Reseda California, a video was recorded by a woman who came across what turned out to be election officials, who were opening a ballot box & was removing mail-in ballots, yet to be counted. The video went viral after Donald Trump retweeted the video on Twitter.

The state of California was almost immediately called by the MSM almost immediately after opening on Nov 3, election night, rewarding Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, with 55 electoral college votes. A logical thinking person may ask, how can you call the state for anyone if all the ballots were not yet counted? It was evident, the very next day, ballots were still being collected. That was just one random occurrence. How many occurrences went unnoticed in the state of California?

After Donald Trump retweeted the video, almost immediately, Twitter through a fact checking label on the post. Almost immediately, there were dozens of fact-checking articles written & published.

They claimed that it was not truly decided in California when it was called by all major MSM networks, and the calls made by media agencies are based on “statistics & projections”. If that is true, riddle me this… Why was Joe Biden rewarded with California’s 55 electoral votes at literally 0% votes counted, yet for Donald Trump, the majority of the states he won were called at about only when the votes counted reached high totals. For example, Florida was called for Donald Trump with 96% of the expected vote counted.

Ask yourselves these questions? Who are the “fact-checkers”? How are they funded? Who specifically? Does it surprise or concern you that George Soros and/or Hillary Clinton have direct ties to the majority fact checking groups? Here is a question any logical thinking person should ask- In order to fact-check something, don’t you have to actually take time to investigate it first? These articles were immediately published & Fact-checking labels were immediately branded on twitter & Facebook posts; some people even banned for sharing the video. It’s obvious nothing was fact-checked.

George Orwell once wrote in his famous science fiction novel, 1984 “Those who control the flow of information hold the ultimate power in the society. This turns the flow of information, and the technology that surrounds the flow of information, into not only a power, but also a tool of fear and pure control.”

The MSM in this country is not motivated to find the truth. They are motivated to cover up the lies. The truth is that there are six corporations that control 90% of what you hear, read & see. It is an illusion of truth.

The truth, to put it bluntly, no longer exists within the MSM. God is truth & the truth will always prevail. I stand on the rock of God, thus I stand on the side of truth. We as a nation are faced with mountains of lies. The only way to fix this diseased & corrupted system is through God and Americans on a bended knee.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

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1 thought on “Reseda California- How Were Ballots Still Being Collected From A Drop Box On Nov 4, Yet California Was Immediately Called For Biden On Nov 3?

  1. Great article. I think California is controlled by a small group of elites. It will take everyone standing up to come together for freedom. Canvassing and doing away with the machines.
    Read over the article or have someone else proof read it. There are some missing and some extra words in there. I’m not being critical just wanted help.

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