Operation Dark HunTor- 150 Arrested & $31.6 Million Dollars in Cash & Crypto Currencies Seized, Millions More in Drugs & Weapons

Drug Trafficking

150 Arrested in Operation Dark HunTOR, Millions in Drugs (mainly Fentanyl), Weapons, and Trafficked Currency ($31.6 Million) seized in major bust.

Deputy Attorney General, Lisa Monaco says 150 “Darknet” drug traffickers have been apprehended thanks to cooperation between international law enforcement agencies. The operation included members of the Department of Justice’s Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement team and Europol

65 of those arrests were within the United States.

Law enforcement recovered more then 500 pounds of illegal drugs, a large majority being fentanyl, enough to kill more than four million people.

This was roughly a 10 month operational effort by federal law enforcement agencies. The efforts produced arrests at home (US) & abroad, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Operation Dark HunTOR is an encrypted internet tool used to trace & track down sales through the “DarkWeb”.

One of the more concerning things about this bust is the fact that many of the drugs that were confiscated were found to be counterfeit and/or included other dangerous substances apart from what they were purported to be, such as fentanyl. Monaco said some searches turned up home-bound drug making businesses where suspects used special presses to produce pills designed to resemble actual medication.

Fentanyl is a highly dangerous & addictive drug, which is already destroying families worldwide. Now they are putting this deadly drug into other drugs.

“We face new and increasingly dangerous threats as drug traffickers expand into the digital world and use the dark net to sell dangerous drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine,” Anne Milgram, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said at a news conference. “We cannot stress enough the danger of these substances.”

“Those purchasing drugs through the dark net often don’t know what they’re getting,” Associate Deputy FBI Director Paul Abate said. “Today we’re taking some of the most dangerous, unregulated drugs off the streets of America.”

“The point of operations such as the one today is to put criminals operating on the dark web on notice: the law enforcement community has the means and global partnerships to unmask them and hold them accountable for their illegal activities, even in areas of the dark web,” said Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, deputy executive director of operations for Europol.

America has been facing an Opioid Epidemic for decades now & it’s only gotten worse. It’s not a secret. Most of drugs are made in China & smuggled through our southern border, as well as our very own medical industry handing them out like candy, writing prescriptions for just about any ailment anyone comes in with. They have been doing this to weaken the US nuclear family. For what purpose? Only God knows. I pray that God restore all those who are suffering from drug addiction and make them anew. I pray that God remove these evil people who are intentionally trying to sicken a population.

That includes addiction. Yes, the temptations are great, the trials are great, but you will find the strength to overcome. That may require leaning on your community, it should involve asking for help, and it should involve turning to God, but He has given you the tools to move on and to recover.

1 Corinthians 10:13

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