Nye County, Nevada: Gives Dominion the Boot, Votes Unanimously to Return to Hand-Counted Paper Ballots  

In a unanimous vote yesterday, March 15, 2022, the Nye County Commission officially requested County Clerk Sandra Merlino ditch Dominion voting machines in favor of paper ballots.

Election Fraud Expert, Captain Seth Keshel broke the news on his Telegram account, posting,

NYE COUNTY, NEVADA, first in America to vote (unanimously, today, 5-0) to ban use of electronic voting machines, beginning in primaries.  Secure paper ballots with anti-counterfeit measures to be used henceforth.
It only takes a spark to start a whole blaze.
Someone (cough) provided some analysis; county appeared 2k votes hot for one candidate.
Get your morale up!

Jim Marchant, a Republican candidate for secretary of state, told the board, ”With the paper ballots, hand-counted at the precinct level, decentralized — we’re going against what the forces want,” “They want centralized [systems] so they can manipulate it. So if we go against that and get back to decentralized … that’s how we’re going to guarantee that we have a fair and transparent election,” the deep left Nevada Independent reported. 

Lyon County commissioners soon could also be considering similar election changes to those proposed in Nye County. Though no similar items appear on the agenda for the county commission’s Thursday meeting, Republican Commissioner Debra Strickland said she believed Lyon County would be doing the “same thing” on March 17.

Nationwide, Republican lawmakers in at least six states (NH, AZ, CO, MO, WA, and WV) have introduced legislation that would require all election ballots to be counted by hand instead of machine, according to the Associated Press.

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