Covid Bridge Guide


This guide is a collection of information regarding Covid-19. This is not medical advice but resources to consider.


First, the best thing you can do for yourself regarding your health is to live & manage a healthy lifestyle. God gave us everything we need.

  • Diet— Buy your food from local farmers markets and butchers. Stick to, as best as you can, to one ingredient foods (e.g. A potato is a potato. A steak is a steak etc) or foods with minimal ingredients. Stick to ingredients you can actually read.
  • Exercise as much as you can. I recommend cardio exercise, or anything that gets your heart rate up.
  • Sunshine & Fresh Air. Our body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when outdoors. Most people should be able to get all the vitamin D they need from sunlight. Get grounded. Get your feet in the grass to start the exchange of electrons w/ the earth.
    Earthing aka Grounding Info


Remember this is a Respiratory virus, warm fluids (i.e. tea, bouillon, chicken soup), vitamin C, essential oils, steam tents – flush the virus out.

  • White Pine Needle Tea is one of the most potent anti-oxidants there is and it’s known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress and depression, pain and respiratory infections. Pine needle tea also kills parasites. Boiling fresh pine needles in order to make a tea is an extraction method that’s commonly used in food science. Pine needle tea contains Suramin, which Dr. Mikovits says is an Antidote. It offers protection against covid “vaccine shedding” which appears to be where vaccinated people are spreading harmful particles.
    Pine Needle Tea Info
    Suramin Info
    Source Buy Dr Mikovits Site
    Source Buy Etsy
  • Homemade Hydroxychloroquine
    Quinine has been used since the 1600s for treating malaria. Its synthetic forms are Chloroquine & Hydroxychloroquine.

Recipe & Information


They will write you the prescriptions you need for FREE. If you have a loved one in the hospital, they have lawyers ready to contact the hospital to legally threaten them to put your loved ones on other treatments for FREE.


More & more evidence suggests that people are dying from the CDC/NIH hospital protocols. STAY AWAY FROM REMDESIVIR & VENTILATORS!

Need To Get Someone Out of The Hospital?

  • Strategic Response Partners
    • (888) 582-5848 Dispatch
    • Sam Eaton EMS Coordinator
    • Nationwide coverage.

  • Dr. Bryan Ardis
    Dr Ardis Joined General Flynn’s ReAwaken America Tour.
    Dr. Ardis explains how hospitals are killing patients using Remdesivir
  • The Kate Dalley Show
    HOW TO SAVE YOUR LOVED ONES LIFE IF IN A HOSPITAL. This video is what to do & how to do it. What to demand. What treatment.
  • More Proof
    Pressley Stutts Testimony
    Tracy Beanz Testifies
  • FLCCC Protocol
    Does your hospital support the FLCCC protocol? October 2020, FLCCC added ivermectin as a core medication in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
    FLCCC Protocol Info

In memory of Veronica Wolski.

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  1. Hi MJ!

    I want to thank you for everything you do and the hard work you put in daily to help others.
    I have been following you for a long time on telegram and I understand your red line on negative posts.

    I think I somehow was restricted on your telegram group and would like to apologize if I have done something to offend. (rose hasn’t warned me yet 🙂 )
    I pray we can discuss this as friends and patriots. Please email me as time permits in your busy schedule. I’d like to apologize in person.

    Thank you for your time, effort, heart and good nature. I miss my friends on your group.

  2. Also consider the benefits of dandelion tea to block the binding of the protein! Excellent resource thanks so much for posting it! Blessings.

  3. MJ thank you. Would you consider joining us for prayer on telegram. We have a much smaller group and my wife is a huge fan of yours. My cell is 423-298-2100 you can call and set up whatever time is convenient for you. We will not try to use your name to promote our group and you can have the floor and talk about whatever God lays on your heart or take questions or just pray. Whatever you’d like. Thank you for your time

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