Preparation Guide

Prepping fir apartments

I will state what I believe is going to happen, based on MY research. I suggest you do your own research & do what’s best for you & your family. This guide will be based on worse case scenarios.


  • #34 We will lose all communications. No Internet & no television due to public arrests
  • #34 The Emergency Broadcast System will be activated
  • #34 The military will bypass the MSM & provide WE THE POEPLE with one voice, our Military
  • Martial law will be enacted.
    a. What is Martial Law?
  • I believe emergency services will still be available, but plan as if they won’t.
  • No Highway travel, possibly limited local travel.
  • Communications will be down for 2-4 weeks, but prepare for longer


  • Canned or Dried, non-perishable foods are best. Consider foods with lots of calories. *BABY FOOD *PET FOOD.

▪️ Canned Beans, Fruits, Meats & Fish, Soups, or Vegetables.
▪️ Hot and Cold Cereals
▪️ Rice
▪️ Powdered Milk
▪️ Granola & cereal Bars

When things happen, categorize everything you have into groups–like perishables, canned goods, grains, and frozen food. This will help determine what you need to eat first (perishables) and what you can leave for later (canned and packaged goods).


  • Don’t own a firearm? Here are just a few ideas. Please check your state laws before purchasing.
  1. PEPPER SPRAY or wasp spray
  3. Baseball Bat(s) or anything that you can swing.
  4. MACHETES or Knives
  • NRA Resource. If you do own a firearm, brush up on your states Gun Laws; most importantly, relating to self defense & “stand your ground”.


  • First, whomever you want to stay in contact with, talk to them & formulate a plan.
    —— HERE IS A GUIDE to Understand the difference between LL, SAT, HAM, CB that I highly recommend you read before purchasing anything.
  • SOLAR CRANK RADIO which also has a radio, flashlight, ports etc.
  • LIMITED ACCESS TO SOME WEBSITES. This is a little bit more of a technical guide for a possible workaround (computers only, not mobile devices) to possibly give you access to some websites
  • TG SIGNAL May Possibly Work


Should electricity go out, consider ways you can charge or power your ESSENTIAL items.

    a. Duel = Gas & Propane. Gas may be unavailable. Propane, you can store for a long time
    b. Deep Freezer? You will only need to run the Genset 10-15 minutes in the morning & evening to conserve gas. This should be enough time to keep items frozen. Consider adding a few gallons of water to your freezer
  • PORTABLE POWER STATIONS charged via solar, car outlets, & wall outlets (get the correct accessories)
  • Charcoal or propane grill? Consider buying extra charcoal or a few tanks of propane gas
  • FIRE STARTER to start a fire


Should you lose access to water, consider ways you can store or gain safe drinking water.

  • If events begin, fill your bathtub, washing machine, buckets etc..
  • LIFE STRAW Good for 1,000 gallons
  • Cases of water
  • To flush toilets, just add water to the bowl 🚨 MISC SUPPLIES/INFO
  • Bible
  • Medications
  • Cash
  • Batteries
  • Local Maps
  • Toiletry & Plastic Utensil items
  • Compass & Maps
  • First aide kit(s) & medical supplies
  • Anything Solar
  • Lighters & matches
  • Candles
  • Personal Care items (soap, toothpaste, etc)
  • Bug Out Bag Guide (
  • Identify & talk to leaders in your community. Make a plan.
  • Talk to you local Sheriffs office.
  • Understand your areas demographics. The suburbs of PA will be vastly different than NYC. A possible indicator of where trouble may occur is where ANTIFA & BLM rioted last year.


The safety of everyone of this country will be exhausted by our great military. Humanity will be tested. I believe there are more good people than bad in this world. I believe this will be a time we as a people unite, but we have to keep an eye on those who have been planted here to do us harm. God will provide if you do not have. Continue to pray & have Unshakeable Faith.




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9 thoughts on “Preparation Guide

  1. Thanks MJ! While I have been trying to prepare as best as I can, I am not sure about which emergency radio would be the best? It’s only me and my daughter in a little apt.

  2. So pleased to see this info. I’m starting tomorrow to get my house in order. Thank you and God bless you and all.

  3. Thank you SO VERY much MJ. You with a few others have been a HUGE BLESSING/ BIGLY/ SIMPLE TRUTHS are SIMPLE TRUTH. May God help us and our fellow Patriots. All your info is taken to heart, sincerely. I LOVE MY COUNTRY/MY REAL PRESIDENT and My Fellow Patriots. I have NEVER given up on a miracle for this Country or for myself. I will not give up now. God is Good. I pray that we all are lifted up by God’s Almighty hand and are preserved to see God’s Victory. Bless you Sir and bless your family. In God We Trust

  4. I would like to ask a question. We have been hearing a lot of what I read above for the past year and nothing has occurred. I have plans I have made all accommodations I possibly can still nothing has occurred. What makes you believe this can still happen? I have learned through my research there is a lot of people I believe we’re fighting for us but now have giving lots of doubt. Weeding out who we can trust right now is huge. If this has been being predicted for the past year why hasn’t anything been done yet. I do not put my trust in man nor actions of individuals as we all are imperfect, yet I would like to see some actions following what we have been told for some time now. I’m starting to feel like this is intentional ways to mentally break down two people and keep your focus somewhere else versus this complete Global takeover.

  5. Can opener …wet wipes…fire extinguisher…pastimes like game boards cards books…laterns, candles…Solar lights that are used in the yard are great for bringing in at night for light.

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