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Are you thinking about taking your children out of the Public School System? You are not alone. Below are a few reasons why you should & a brief, but informative guide on the steps to take & resources available to you.

Why You Should Take Your Kid(s) Out of School

  • God. The number one reason. Our public school systems have taken God out of the equation. You have the power to put God back in!
  • Our Public Schools are not teaching the same American History you grew up on. They are not learning about the Bill of Rights & The Constitution. They are not being taught American History period. A 2014 report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that an abysmal 18 percent of American high school kids were proficient in US history.
  • Critical Race Theory (CRT)– The core teachings of critical race theory is founded on the premise that all black people are oppressed & all white people are the oppressors. CRT is dangerous & sets a narrative for your children at a very young age. Remember, God blessed us with beautiful babies, which are essentially blank canvasses. Do not allow the first brush strokes on your children to be of hate or shame.
  • The Plandemic will not be going away. There will always be a new variant & more pushes to vaccines & mask mandates. California just announced all K-12 students will need to be vaccinated to return. Do not wait until it happens in your state. Do not hide your childs’ beautiful smile with a mask, at the same time, not allowing them to breath properly.
  • There is a psychological war being waged on our children’s mind. In our schools & in our society, worldwide. Below are just a FEW examples.
    • DuckDuckGo Search “Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey”. Yes, you read that right. A man dressed in a rainbow monkey costume with his butt exposed and a large dildo hanging between his legs, was part of an event to encourage kids to read.
    • Senate Bill SB 5395 Or, what I like to call a pedophile bill. The curriculum includes “Lesson Plans” for “sex education” for K-12 students with “Amaze Videos” <—- See for yourself. These videos are educating your kindergartners about transgenderism, watching porn, how many times a person can masturbate, sexual orientations, etc….
    • Teachers are allowing your boys to call themselves girls, girls being allowed to call themselves boys. There are legal battles all over the US regarding transgender children being allowed to use the bathroom of opposite of their natural sex, or being allowed to play in a sport with the opposite sex. They are destroying children through perversion.
    • I could go on and on, but I believe if you have made your way here, you see it too.

Home Schooling Myths

Before diving into this, I think it’s important to discuss some of the concerns I had & compare it to how I feel about those concerns now.

  • One hour of homeschool learning is equal to about 3 hours of public school learning. That is because homeschooling is all about your child instead of 35 kids in total that a teacher has to manage. Half the time in public schools are spent moving from class to class, lines, organization & management of many kids, recess, lunch break, etc… Our son spends roughly two to three hours a day in homeschool.
  • I had concerns that a homeschooled child would not be accepted into college. I learned through many other homeschooled people & online resources that in fact some colleges prefer homeschooled children.
  • We were unsure if we could make the necessary time to do this with our child. Like everyone, we are a busy family. As I said above, we spend a few hours a day, sometimes 3-4 days a week on classwork. Sometimes in the evening. This is based off a prepared curriculum. More on that below…
  • We were worried about our child not building social skills. I find that we are doing just fine in that area right now. He is very active in sports & gets to meet new friends. We are also blessed with extended family, where he is around siblings his age. There are groups of loving parents who homeschool their kids in every state; parents just like you who act as a community to set up field trips, play dates, etc. I highly recommend you seek a group on Facebook or do a DuckDuckGo search. It’s easy to get connected. I will list a few resources below.

Where to Start?

My wife & I started homeschooling this year, with absolutely no knowledge on where to start, but we learned quickly & it’s not as hard as it appears.

    • is the BEST resource to start with. I suggest navigating through the website to get familiar with where various things are. Below are some suggestions on where to start.
      • The “Legal” tab has a subcategory named, “State Homeschool Laws
      • Find you state. Each state has its own specific requirements for homeschooling.
      • For example, I live in the state of Maryland. Here are my states’ specific requirements. Each state’s requirements vary & may look different.
      • Options for Homeschooling:  Four—-These are the number options available to you by state for homeschooling.
      • School Required for Ages:  5-18—-This is the age range required for homeschooling.
      • Notification Required:  Yes—-This is whether or not you must notify your school district that you will be homeschooling.
      • Teacher Qualifications:  No—- This is if your state requires you to have some kind of qualification to homeschool.
      • State Mandated Subjects:  Yes— This is if your state has mandated certain subjects that will need to be taught.
      • Assessment requirements:  No— This is if assessments are mandatory or not.
      • Immunization requirements:  No—- Exactly as it sounds.
    • It’s an understatement to say that HSLDA has so much to offer parents. They are 100% about children being homeschooled & they make sure they are up to date with all current state laws & requirements for every state.
    • It is not necessary, but it is definitely worth it in my opinion, to become a member of HSLDA, which incurs a cost of approximately $144 a year. Full disclosure, my wife & I did not become a HSLDA member & have done well without it. The benefits are outstanding though should you need additional help. What you get is worth more than what you’re paying for. This is what the membership provides:
      • Answers specific to your homeschool journey.
      • Protection for your right to homeschool in the courts and legislature
      • Detailed instructions for homeschooling legally in your state.
      • A full legal team at your disposure. 35+ years of trusted legal advice
      • Ask any legal question related to your homeschool
      • We’ll send letters, make calls, and represent you in court if needed.
      • No scheduling. Contact our legal team by phone or email.
      • For emergencies, contact our live, 24/7 on-call support
      • Membership includes your entire family
      • No extra fees. No surprises.
      • Access to state-specific attorney designed documents and forms

  • Home Schooling Options:
    • Click “View Complete Details“, read about the options available & decide which homeschooling option is best for you & your family. This is an example of Maryland. Again, each state may differ. We chose Option #1, the portfolio option. Most parents do.
      • Option 1: Homeschooling under the portfolio option—- I chose this option. Most parents do.
      • Option 2: Homeschooling under the church umbrella option
      • Option 3: Homeschooling under the church-exempt school umbrella option
      • Option 4: Homeschooling under the state-approved school umbrella option

  • Time to Withdraw:
    • Once you have reviewed your available state options & made a decision on the homeschooling method that works best for your family, now it’s time to withdraw.
    • File a Notice of Consent form with your superintendent. For us, this was as simple as calling the school, informing them that we wanted to homeschool our child. They instructed us to come to the school to pick up a withdrawal form. We filled it out when we went to go pick it up.
      • Fill out the withdrawal form. Note: Remember to select the legal option under which you are homeschooling (we did the portfolio option, so that’s what we chose).
      • After several days or a week, you will receive a homeschool notification letter acknowledging he has been withdraw from school from your Superintendent.

Develop, or Find a Homeschooling Program/Curriculum

This for us was the most difficult thing to do, only because we had no idea where to start. It felt overwhelming. In hindsight, it wasn’t at all. I will briefly share our story & how we arrived at a decision. Then, I will provide some resources and curriculums to consider in helping you with your journey.

I set up a voice chat to discuss homeschooling with my friends on my Telegram channel. It was a huge success & I spoke to MANY parents who have homeschooled their kids, friends who were homeschooled, and educators in the public school system. The conversation was exhilarating & I was VERY surprised to learn just how wonderful everyone spoke so highly of homeschooling, especially from a 20+ year school principal, who shared that the public school system is broken. All of the above information can be attributed to the great discussion we had. After the chat was over, all of my worries & fears melted away and we went for it!

I was blessed enough to have a friend who had been homeschooling their children for a few years & they passed that information off to me to consider. We ultimately went with the program they recommended.

Things to consider & what determined our decision:

  • We had to decide on how to approach his learning experience. Did we want to design a curriculum, or did we want to enroll in a prepared curriculum?
    • We decided to start with a prepared curriculum since we were new to homeschooling & it took a lot of pressure off of us. Unless you are familiar & can dedicate much more time to designing a curriculum, I’d recommend finding a prepared curriculum.
    • We enrolled in
      • This curriculum we found worked best for us after looking into other curriculums. It was also a plus that a friend of mine had been using it for 2 + years and both they & their children enjoyed it.
      • The cost for us is $20 a month. $30 a month for multiple students.
      • One of the conditions choosing the “Portfolio Option” is that you need to keep sufficient records in each school subject in case you need to submit them to your Superintendent. This at first was very intimidating & seemed like a daunting task, but most of the online homeschooling programs have tools to help you with this. However, as good practice, you should still keep all worksheets as extra information in case it’s needed.
        • For example: Time4Learning has tools to print out student reports which are sufficient enough for the Superintendent, should they require to see it.
        • We are actually going through this process now & we received our first notification of a deadline to submit the school work. I spoke directly with the Superintendent & they were very familiar with Time4Learning & said that the reports were indeed sufficient.
    • We did learn something extremely important talking with our Superintendent. Most online programs likely will only include the core subjects, but not include the elective subjects such as Music, Art, & Physical Education, which we found out was required. This is how we approached the situation:
      • Music- There are limitless online resources. Just print out some worksheets for the appropriate grade level. There are no limitations though. If it involves music, find a way to record it in a way that you can report it to your Superintendent. Make it fun.
      • Art- With all of the classes our child currently takes, this was an easy one to handle. He draws a lot for other classes & we just saved his work.
      • Physical Education– If it involves physical activity, find a way to record it, whether on paper or with pictures. Our child plays soccer, so we have taken pictures of him playing which will be sufficient. Again, have fun with it. There are no limitations. Go hiking, skateboarding, bike riding, etc…

An all in one curriculum is what we decided. But just as the options are endless for the elective classes mentioned above, there are no limitations for those who wish to build their own curriculum. For us, we were not ready for that yet. As my family becomes more accustomed to homeschooling life & we gain more experience & knowledge, we will start to introduce programs or teachings that fits our childs personality. For example, our child loves to build things & loves race cars. We will likely introduce some kind of program or classes that cater to what he loves & who our child is. That in it of itself is worth it.


*I am working to identify additional homeschooling communities. I will keep this page updated as I learn about new resources.

Final Thoughts

Although this journey is somewhat new for my family, I am excited that my children will not be indoctrinated into the toxic public school system by way of what they are teaching. I want my children to grow up to fear, but love God. I want them to love & take pride in their country. I want them to love thy neighbor, not fear them or feel bad for them. It is such a BIG relief not to have to worry about what they are being taught in the public school systems.

Everything, all the power, is in your hands. It is an amazing & exhilarating feeling to be able to take your power back & allow your child to grow in all the right areas. It is exciting to be able to cater to YOUR childs special needs & most importantly, their interests. Do not fear that you will mess up. You are their parents. You love them. When anything is done with pure love, you will never fail. You will not fail your child. You will only empower them to be who God meant them to be.

If anyone has any questions, post a comment below & I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Good luck & God Bless!


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12 thoughts on “Homeschooling Guide

  1. Hello,
    We’re also in Maryland, thank you for the info! I’m really thinking of pulling my Granddaughter out of school and homeschooling. She does not want to but she’s 6 and I know what’s best. When I first looked online for info, it said the curriculum is about $800. Does it really cost that much? I saw that ABC Mouse has a curriculum and I’ve been confused… can I just have her learn and do work online with ABC Mouse or another like it, or do I have to buy a curriculum that has the requirements of MD educational system? I’m confused about so much and that’s the reason I still send her to school. But I hate that she has to mask up every day! I’ve messaged the teacher, Principal, each member of the Board, the Superintendent, Baltimore Councilman Johnny O, and Gov Hogan, the teacher and Principal said it’s out of their hands, the others didn’t reply! Anyway, thank you so much for giving out the information.

  2. We are relatively new to homeschooling – within the last 4 years but God really showed me that I needed to do it for my children. While it is hard at times it is the best decision we have ever made!!! The kids get along so much better, the relationships that they are building with one another are ones that will last a lifetime built on true genuine friendship. The kids and I have a very close relationship and they want to be around me and tell me about the things they are learning and talk.
    We use My Father’s World which is an an open and go system. But you have to add in math and language arts. We do Math U See for math (not common core based) and The Good and The Beautiful for language arts. We also do Power School ($25 a month per child but can take up to 7 classes). We tried initially last year as a whole curriculum because it tracks progress and grades but it is not an all inclusive program it is lacking greatly in the language arts department and just feels like more of a supplemental because the kids can finish their work in less than an hour in all the subjects but it is all videos and quizzes to track progress. So it is nice to add in for things you may not be great at teaching. My kids use it for: Spanish, Music, Coding (6th), Engineering (6th), Social Studies, Science and Language Arts (I figure more exposure is not a bad thing). You do have to be careful with Power School as there is a class called Social Emotional Learning which is another name for Critical Race Theory and all the Liberal objectives they want to push – we just opted out of that because you can pick and choose your classes. There are so many options out there for homeschooling!!! It can be very overwhelming when you first get started but know that you are doing the best thing for your child and that it is a journey you will be learning right alongside them. Before we started I did take some quizzes that I found online to figure out what kind of teaching style I would be and also my kids learning styles so that I could start researching homeschooling curriculum. My husband wanted us to do Classical Conversations because so many that we knew have done it but Classical education was always extremely low on my list on the homeschooling teaching styles. We are a Charlotte Mason family with a little but of Unschooling and others. And I figure as things progress we will keep growing learning and adapting to what works best for us. Find the veteran homeschool parents and ask them tons of questions, find online support groups – that is what I did before we started and these people are still an extremely valuable resource of information now that we are on the journey.

  3. check out It’s $400/year, and life-changing if you want your child’s education and your home to be based on God, moral principles, and truth, beauty and goodness.

  4. Hi again.
    I just looked through the curricula at time4learning and noticed the same thing that is missing in public school life science/biology curricula: Understanding how the human body functions as a whole. I believe it is important to understand how the DNA, cells, tissues, blood, and whole body systems interact to make life possible (the miracle of life that God created). Comparing simple living creatures to the complexity of more “advanced” life forms (humans) really builds appreciation of life. Energy from the sun moves through plant life to animal life to human beings. That same energy (from sun) flows through our cells, nerves, and organs to provide energy needed to grow, think, play soccer, overcome illness, etc.

  5. Thank you so much for this information, MJ. Seeing it through the eyes of a “first-timer” will help bolster the resolve of many.
    My question for you (and others you may speak with):
    What other resources may be helpful as supplements to the 2-3 hours of learning. I taught life science in a private school (4th grade to AP Biology with focus on human body) for 20 years. My former students often contact me on FB saying they were helped as adults because they remember things I taught in an unusual way. Such as a college student in a neurology class: I would have no idea what the professor said today without remembering how you taught neurons in high school.
    I left teaching (low pay) for a job with the goverment when my husband left me. Now, with my job as a Federal employee in jeopardy, I wonder if homeschoolers would find simple 30 minute science sections as a supplement to the base curriculum helpful. The kids could watch outside of their lesson time or help them if struggling with a section. Example: How to remember the names of the bones in their bodies. Or would offering tutorials be a better idea? I thought of science experiments, but there are fantastic resources already available. (I do have two workbooks/curricula that the private school continued to use for years after I left which I could also update as resources.)
    Any thoughts or suggestions will help me develop options for my future.
    PS: Echo is my online name due to my Fed job.

    1. Exho, are you familiar with Outschool? Perfect place for you! Your talents would be welcomed and appreciated.
      YouTube as well- can be some very good money in it.
      Good luck!

  6. I wanted to add that Kahn Academy is an incredible source for science.

    We home schooled two of our three children, the two homeschooled are doctors today.

    Do not fear the task, it was the most wonderful experience having our children with us, We studied hard, and had fun too.

  7. Excellent,excellent!!! This was so helpful, MJ
    You answered all my questions we had in deciding if we should homeschool our children. Thank you so much and God bless you and your family. Be well

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