Georgia: Garland, Secretary of State Member & Voter GA Shares Bombshell! 100,000 Ballots in the Georgia 2020 Election Are “Missing” Chain of Custody Documentation, And All Drop Box Video Evidence Destroyed!


Garland is a member of the Georgia Secretary of his state. In fact, he is a co-founder at VoterGA is a nonpartisan, non-profit, all-volunteer, dues-free organization that conducts trusted election results in Georgia.

Garland & VoterGA held a press conference today, January 20, 10 AM ET, on the total lack of transparency regarding the chain of custody documentation on ballot “drop-boxes”.

Per Garland in teh video above, at least 100,000 Georgian ballots did not have the correct chain of custody documents to support the 2020 election outcome.

According to Garland at least 100,000 Georgia ballots lack the adequate chain of custody documents from the 2020 election.  The number is likely much larger than this. There already is an investigation in Georgia by The Gateway Pundit here: True the Vote ballot box fraud investigation. Garland told the GatewayPundit, “they still have no idea how many ballots came from drop boxes in 2020.  That number has not been provided by the state!  This is absolutely shocking that that number was never released.”

During the press conference, Garland spoke out against the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, stating, “This is a systematic coverup by the Secretary of State. He’s been doing this ever since the election… So ‘yes’ there is a coverup in the state of Georgia and ‘yes’ the Secretary of State is behind it.”

There is absolutely no transparency & at some point we have to ask , if this was the most secure election in history, then why the heck are they fighting so hard to not be transparent?

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

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Author: MJTruth