Fulton County, Georgia Is “Missing” 17,690 Mail-In Ballot Images & Trump “Lost” The State By Roughly 10,200 Votes

The devil went down to Georgia during the 2020 presidential election.

All in-person ballot images are “MISSING” in Fulton County, GA. Fulton is also “missing” 17,690 mail-in ballot images — which alone is more than the entire margin in Georgia

According to Liz Harris 74 counties cannot produce original ballot images for Nov 2020 election 48% destroyed ballot images or refused to comply in violation of election law 22 counties only have recount ballot images 6 counties had no images at all

Per Retired Captain, Seth Keshel, who is a election fraud expert, Georgia had some eye opening discrepancies when it came to the 20202 presidential election. See The below images & his commentary regarding Georgia.


Biden – 2,473,633 (49.5%)
Trump – 2,461,854 (49.2%)

Red – Rampant
Yellow – Likely/Suspect
Green – Clean

Much like Arizona, Trump set a high-turnout era boom with 373k added votes, solidifying support with standard conservatives and winning more black men.

Democrats on the other hand, though vote gain is expected with population growth, had been stuck in same 104k vote loop (Obama down 70k in 2012, Clinton up 104k), only for Biden to gain 597k in one election to win the state by an eyelash. 14,000 fraudulent votes kept David Perdue from winning on 11/3 and sent him to runoff.

Pattern is heavy cheating in metro ATL counties and shaving in northern GA exurban and rural counties that are massively pro-Trump. Estimate 311k excess votes (Gwinnett & Fulton 35k, DeKalb 30k, Cobb 25k).

If accurate on 311k excess, Trump margin should have been roughly 52.6 to 46.1 (6.5%) with a margin of 299k votes.

Best audits (RED) – Carroll, Cherokee, Columbia, Coweta, Forsyth, Houston, Lowndes


History can tell you a lot of things. For instance, let’s take a look at Bellwether states. There have been 13 occurrences from 1896-2016, where not candidate, regardless of party, has ever carried OH IA NC and FL and lost, until Joe Biden.

From the “water main break”, the kicking out the republican watchers, & the continued counting into the wee hours of the night, Georgia stinks of corruption & is ripe with election fraud. See the video by news network OAN below.

As I said, the devil went down to Georgia for the presidential election. Trump “lost” the 2020 presidential by roughly 10,200 votes. Do you think that the FOUR suitcases of ballots that were pulled out from under tables, AFTER counting was declared done for the evening, could have disproportionately favored Biden? Absolutely! Ballot dumps in teh middle of the night made the difference.

I pray that Georgia gets a forensic audit. I know that we the people are fighting like hell for one. Georgians votes were robbed from them like a thief in the night. May God have mercy on those all involved in such a horrible crime for our country.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Hebrews 4:16

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