Clinton Eugene Curtis Testimony Shows Your Votes Have Been Stolen With Algorithms & Computers Since 2000

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Clinton Eugene Curtis, an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-NASA employee (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time), admits that elections can indeed be fixed & it would go undetectable. In the video above, Curtis testifies under oath that he rigged computer election results for then Congressman Tom Feeney, the former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.

The video has been scrubbed pretty good from YouTube, but nothing is lost forever. The truth usually always surfaces when God wills it so., was able to salvage the video & it’s uploaded HERE on Rumble on their channel.

They knew then and they know now, including key government officials and lots of dirty politicians. Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

Here is a brief timeline of the video.

  • 00:25 Are there programs that can secretly be used to fix elections? Yes. October, 2000, Tom Feeney
    Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives asked me to do it. It would flip the vote 51-49 to whoever you wanted it to go to.
  • 1:12 How could a secret program be detected? Source Code, receipt & count hard paper against the vote total. If not, you won’t see it.
  • 4:50 “You don’t understand, we need to hide the fraud in the source code, not reveal the fraud, to control the vote in South Florida”.
  • 7:45 Central tabulators can flip votes. A person with bad code can affect thousands & thousands of votes. A recount will not reveal the fraud between a central tabulator & a tampered machine. The tabulators can tell the machines to switch the results when they are networked together.

What does this tell us? It tells us that if we have been able to manipulate the machines we vote on since 2000, how much could they have mastered their craft since? Consider all of the evidence that you have seen on this website & others. Why is video evidence, such as this video being banned & taken down on Big Tech social platforms?

This country was founded by God. We should pray that we return to God, because what is happening in this country is ungodly. Your vote is your sacred right to have a voice. If you give that up, you are no longer free. Your children are no longer free. Pray that we find the courage to make these wrongs right.

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