423,116 Pennsylvania Votes Subtracted from Trump Data Shows


This video was done by a group of data scientists with experience working for the US Navy, the CIA, the National Counter-Terrorism Center, and a Big-Four Accounting Firm.

There were 423,116 votes deducted from Trump in the Pennsylvania information.

On the off chance that you check out the information for Allegheny County, 145,000 absentee votes were erased for Trump. More than 27,000 votes were likewise taken out from Trump’s final voting day votes.

In Chester County, Trump loses more than 41,000 votes from his final voting day vote aggregates and almost 50,000 votes from his truant vote sums. Altogether, more than 91,000 votes are deducted from Trump.

In Lehigh County, Trump gets an underlying 66,179 votes which are then detracted from his vote absolute.

This should NOT happen in an added substance casting a ballot interaction.

Authorities in Pennsylvania:

“Pennsylvania had a reasonable and secure political decision liberated from intercession, and our republic won’t endure these silly endeavors to quietness the voices of millions of Pennsylvanians. It’s an ideal opportunity to acknowledge the truth and continue on.”

  • Gov. Tom Wolf

“It’s January 2, 2021, and this is an update that no measure of paltry, meritless legitimate filings, chest-pounding by puppet senators or tweets by the sitting president will change the way that in 18 days Joe Biden will be confirmed as our new President.”

  • AG Josh Shapiro

“I said a day or two ago and I’ll rehash. I couldn’t say whether they need a specialist to fix their spines or a therapist to inspect their heads yet something isn’t right with these individuals that will follow Donald Trump the extent that he is attempting to take them.”

  • AG Josh Shapiro

“A Trump administration would altogether debilitate the US, driving us into an extended downturn. Utilizing the title ‘President before the word ‘Trump’ truly disparages the workplace of the administration… “

  • SOS Kathy Boockvar

“Kathy Boockvar, Tom Wolf, and Josh Shapiro have made obviously they have no interest in investigating where these 423,116 mistakes on final voting day went.

“Subsequent to seeing the information gave and the remarks of Pennsylvania’s administration, do you accept a free and reasonable political race was completed? Do you imagine that these chosen authorities will seek after an impartial examination concerning these discoveries to guarantee that the votes of their constituents were counted?”

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