32,400 Georgia Votes Stolen From David Perdue Live on ABC during 2021 GA Senate Run-Off.


Here we go again in Georgia.

This time, it was the 2021 Georgia Senate Runoff race with David Perdue & John Ossoff. Watch as 32,400 votes are magically taken away from Republican candidate David Perdue in one fell swoop. Watch as the original total was 774,723 & the next update showed the amount of 742,323, totaling a 32,400 deduction from David Perdue.

How many time’s do we have to see this before there is justice or at the very least, an investigation? How about a forensic audit? Keyword being “FORENSIC”. Do not let your state representatives sweep this under the rug. If we do not fix 2020, we will never have an honest, free & fair election ever again. DEMAND a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT in your state. Audits are not the same as Forensic audits. An audit will just recount the same lies.

A forensic audit is exactly what it sounds like. Every single vote that was cast is forensically analyzed. A forensic audit will examine the mail in ballots in close detail, which should have creases if they were mailed in. The paperweight will be examined. The indentation of the circles where one voted will be examined to make sure filled out with a pen & not printed. The ballots would be reviewed for its watermark. Voter roles would be examined to make sure the voter is still alive & live in the same state etc.. Then there is the digital forensic side where Splunk logs & routers will be examined for changes in outgoing & incoming totals plus much much more.

Voting should go up, never down unless it is determined in an audit & corrections are made. .

These people are stupid. This is one of MANY other videos which show the same exact thing that happened to Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election. Why is the media silent about it? How much evidence will it take? What are they hiding?

The Edison, Scytl, and Secretary of State (SOS) databases record all of these voting additions & subtractions.

These databases are only publicly available to data scientists & these databases feed your SOS, tallying the votes, as well as updating the live feeds on live television, during election night.

The main stream media says there is no proof, yet here is yet again MORE PROOF! Countless people around the country recorded such events on November 3rd & beyond. The fact is, the Presidential Election was stolen & the same technology was used to steal the Georgia Senate runoff. They did it right in front of us. Your vote likely DID NOT COUNT if you voted on these corrupt machines in Georgia.

Pray to God that we as a nation understand what is happening. I pray that we correct it before it is too late.


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